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Deva Alaya / Tessa Lavezzi

Certified SkyDancing Tantra Teacher

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I am constantly inspired and challenged by Osho, the Sufi Path of Love ignites my heart and Tantra has transformed my life.

I joined Skydancing Tantra in 2012 and my professional trainings include:

  • Skydancing Tantra ® Teachers Training
  • Pelvic- Heart Integration®
  • Intimacy Education
  • Like a Pro at the School of Consent
  • Tao Sexual massage
  • Yoni massage at Sexological Bodywork
  • Osho “No Mind Meditative Therapy”

I have in my background:

  • Training for Ecstasy and Love at Skydancing® Tantra
  • Bioenergetics and Core-Energetics
  • Osho meditations
  • Bert Hellinger family Constellations
  • Cashmere Shivaism
  • Tantric breathing
  • Making Love Retreat with Diana Puja Richardson
  • Tantric touch
  • Sexual Grounding Therapy
  • Postural Integration
  •  Pelvic-Heart Integration
  • « Laisser fair l’Amour » retreats with Achintya S. Vasey
  • Tao for women/Universal Healing Tao
  • Tao Orgasmic Pulse Training / Universal Healing Tao
  • G spot and female ejaculation with Deborah Sundahl
  • Shadow work
  • Path of Love
  • Ista levels 1 and 2.

Celebration of life in all aspects, pleasure and healing, sexuality and heart connection, meditation and recognition of the Divine within us, Eros as a gateway onto spirituality are the essence of my work and a way of life.
I offer group workshops, individual and couple sessions,
I live in Bruxelle, Belgique.

Upcoming events of Deva Alaya Tessa:

Initiation SkyDancing: Zorba le Bouddha 2
Date 24 Mar 2023 - 26 Mar 2023
Alaya Tessa & Johann Azuelos
Alaya Tessa & Johann Azuelos
Initiation SkyDancing: Zorba le Bouddha 3
28 Apr 2023 - 30 Apr 2023
Alaya Tessa & Johann Azuelos
Alaya Tessa & Johann Azuelos
Femmes multi Orgasmiques
Deva Alaya
Alaya Tessa Lavezzi et Johann Azuelos
Alaya Tessa Lavezzi et Johann Azuelos

Certified SkyDancing Tantra Teachers in Europe

Certified Teachers are experienced and inspiring professionals who support the vision of Margot Anand and SkyDancing Tantra International. They have completed training as a SkyDancing Tantra Teacher and are members in good standing with one of the European SkyDancing Tantra Institutes or SkyDancing Tantra International.
The title of Certified Teacher was granted to them by a Certification Committee based on requirements such as (but not limited to): having attended and assisted the Love & Ecstasy Trainings and having successfully taught evening and weekend workshops based on the teachings of Margot Anand. By receiving this certification, these Teachers have agreed to comply with SkyDancing Tantra Ethical Standards and Guidelines.