SkyDancing International

Purpose and persons involved

SkyDancing International is a NPO under French law. It was set up in 2015 in order to monitor and manage the network of SkyDancing Teachers and Institutes throughout the world.

Laurent Lacoste - Margot Anand - Laurence Heitzman


Margarita ProkuninaIt is a vehicle that supports Margot Anand and her designated successors in the lineage, Laurence Heitzmann and Laurent Lacoste in accompanying SkyDancing Tantra’s harmonious growth throughout the world.
SkyDancing International’s administration is managed by Margarita Prokunina.


  • It collaborates to the creation of new Institutes and supports their launching.
  • It provides services to existing Institutes such as communication tools, management support.
  • Some members of SkyDancing International form a Think-Tank acting as an Advisory Council for Margot Anand, Laurence & Laurent.