“Ecstasy is already within you.
You need not look for it outside.”

Margot Anand, Founder, SkyDancing Tantra    Margot Anand


Inspired from the enthusiasm and GREAT SUCCESS of the previous SkyDancing Tantra Online Immersions,

we are answering your call to continue to share the love!







Experience Tantra, live from the comfort of your own living room

You have the power to accelerate your spiritual growth through the practice of Tantra. 

Everyone benefits from these rich proposals, whether new, returning, or advanced.  


Video: Laurence & Laurent talk about the Immersion
(French w English subtitles)

 Three Saturdays and half Sundays with progressive sessons.

Weekday morning meditations and evening practices to support the fundamental methods learned on the weekends.



Tantra is the best shortcut to actualizing your sovereignty;

your freedom to be, think, and do what is right for you.







margot anandHi, I’m Margot Anand, founder of SkyDancing Tantra and ancient lineage holder. I’m here to tell you that ecstasy is already within you. It is your birthright and very nature, waiting to be awakened to its infinite potential, and to be actualized in your daily life.

You see, my whole adult life, I have explored how to develop a “shortcut” to a state of stabilized contentment.  I’ve traveled the world studying Tantra and meditation, looking for ways to bring more bliss into the human experience and end suffering for many. During the past 30 years, I’ve taught Tantra in Europe and the US, leading thousands of spiritual seekers down an ancient path of self-realization.


Discover the secret to spiritual awakening 

No one can or should walk this path alone. There are too many pitfalls that can add years of unnecessary suffering, and they can be easily avoided. 


3 pillars form the basis of each serious seeker’s vital support system: 

    1. A body of teaching that includes daily spiritual practices that you can easily integrate into your daily life.
    2. Experienced teachers  who understand you, and deeply care about their students’ awakening and are able to guide them on their journey home.
    3. A community of like-minded, supportive souls who openly share their stories and insights to help each other grow (because the more you help somebody else wake up, the faster awakening will come to you). 


It was amazing! I feel totally different inside, my beliefs, feelings, thoughts are changed. I feel strength and peace. It was an unforgettable, transformative 3 weeks!   Nino, participant


This is the perfect time to go inward and deepen your connection with Spirit. 
Call the teachers into your own home! Be the pioneer who has the skills to integrate Tantra into your daily life.

The best part? 

You don’t even need to leave your home! 

Thanks to the internet, you can now reap the benefits of working with my certified teachers, integrating powerful daily practices, and learning with a supportive community from the comfort of your own living room. 


"This training was beyond my expectations. SkyDancing is a marriage of sensuality and spirituality. It was an experience of discovery through the senses to the sound of music, movement and breath. I learned to let the energy of joy and love flow. It was a journey inside me, a transformation, a return home.  I would like to highlight how the team was professional, warm, respectful, and attentive to the needs of the participants."                                      Namaste ~ Nicole


Do you know what happens when you finally realize how to awaken to freedom?


  • wake up every morning excited to do your spiritual practice because you have the tools you need to stay on track long enough to see lasting results.
  • feel the way you want to feel because you’re so confident in your own skin. 
  • experience more bliss, ecstasy, and juiciness in your body now that you’re no longer fretting about your old patterns. 
  • are at ease with who you are and what you can offer, knowing that your heightened energy and awareness is the greatest gift you bring to this world. 
  • feel deeply connected to and supported by a community of new, spiritual friends from all over the world who love you unconditionally. 
  • Awaken your sovereign right to choose your path and the life you want to lead. 

Imagine being able to achieve all of that in just 3 weekends, supported by proven methods that you can rely on. For real!

Ana speaks about what is possible during the SkyDancing Tantra Online Immersion:



A 16-day life, online journey that will transform the way you experience yourself and your sexuality forever. 

Here’s what you can experience: 

  • Spend 3 full Saturdays and half of Sundays with certified SkyDancing Tantra teachers 
  • Start each weekday with powerful morning meditations and practices
  • Weekday morning meditations will be recorded for replay throughout that day. 
  • 3 evenings per week offer practices and restorative community gatherings
  • Feel supported throughout the week access to Guardians of the Heart 
  • Optional coaching sessions 
  • Get all this without ever having to leave your home
  • Experience a lasting transformation from implementing new habits 


Video: Sara describes what you can experience during the 16 day SkyDancing Tantra Online Immersion

Lotus Devider

Join us on this transformational journey of a lifetime!

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November 4-19, 2023
Registration is open


"What a beautiful experience the SkyDancing immersion has been for me! I expanded my horizons from the variety of presentations from the international community of teachers. My consciousness and inner peace have grown by leaps and bounds. I love having excess do some of the recorded practices and meditations.Extended access has enabled me to engage multiple times increasing the impact on my well being."     Mary R. 






16 Days of Immersion

©Thanka by Romio Shrestra

WEEK 1    November 4-10       Honoring Your Expansive Self

  • Experience the core teachings and philosophy of SkyDancing Tantra from Margot Anand and her select teachers. They call Margot the Grandmother of Tantra, but don’t be fooled--thanks to these teachings, she has more life force energy than most people in their twenties!
  • Discover the 3 Tantric keys that bring more pleasure & joy into your daily life 
  • Develop masterful listening skills and the ability to hold sacred space for others with loving compassion while honoring your boundaries

©Thanka by Romio Shrestra

WEEK 2    November 11-17    Awakening to Freedom 

  •  Expand your experience of self-love as we explore what it means to love & honor every aspect of yourself.

  • Transform old, limiting conditioning. When you are witnessed in your vulnerability, you'll naturally begin to acknowledge and access your true confidence from within.

  • Experience the power of the Quantum Light Breath, with master Richard Bock. This is an active meditation known for its ability to facilitate emotional release, deep healing, and transcendence. 

  • Create more space within to feel a greater sense of pleasure, vibrancy, and freedom.

©Thanka by Romio Shrestra

WEEKEND 3    November 18-19    Celebrating the Sacred Spirit 

  • Deepen your practice, reflect on your journey, and celebrate your discoveries! 
  • Experience the depth and beauty of Tantric ritual.
  • Process and integrate the wisdom and transformation cultivated over the past three weekends.
  • Receive hands-on guidance on how to move forward and integrate what you've learned into your life ahead.

Participate in life-changing and enhancing interactive sessions,
dances, meditations, and rituals from the comfort of your home.


 The Immersion is right for you if you would like to:
Discover the unique benefits of SkyDancing Tantra
Access inner healing 
Invite more love & ecstasy into your life
Honor your individual path
Develop soul-nourishing connections
Live with an open heart
Join an international community of SkyDancers

Play & rejoice, grounded in your spiritual essence!


 50 + LIVE WORKSHOPS WITH 35 SKYDANCING TEACHERS - Learn from Tantric Masters who embody integrity. We are certified teachers who have thousands of hours of shared experience under our belts, and we’re dedicated to the immeasurable value that these teachings bring to our lives. Our intention is to serve YOU in embodying your highest spiritual potential. 16 Days of live consecutive sessions!

 3 FULL SATURDAYS OF LIFE TEACHINGS FROM MORNING TO NIGHT - We’ll guide you through theory and exercises aimed at building more intimacy and well-being with yourself and others. Energetic connections are not limited by physical barriers or distance. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how fun it is to share intimacy across Zoom!

 3 SUNDAYS "FAMILY GROUPS" AND LIVE INTEGRATIVE SESSIONS- Gather with a small "family" group to develop deeper and authentic connection. Embody the practices futher to support your bringing you more light and ecstasy.

ACCESS THE PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP - This is a private group on Facebook exclusively for SkyDancers. We think of this as the support system every serious spiritual seeker should have, but doesn't. You may also have questions, and we want to be there to answer them for you. We want you to have a place to share your insights, potential road bumps, and anything else that might come up for you immediately.  

FOLLOW-UP PRACTICE SESSIONS- Continue to meet with your community, building friendships, and strengthening your skills. Ride The Wave 🌊 of the SkyDancing Immersion! (Group online practices hosted by SkyDancing Tantra teachers).


Become a SkyDancer now and get inspired and connected!


Hurry, the Immersion begins November 4th!

Registration is open! 


We want to tell you about the generous ❤️ Share the Love ❤️  referral program!

Earn a reward (15% of the tuition fee) for each of your referrals. This way, you help spread the word about SkyDancing Tantra *and* you get back your own tuition either partially, in full, or even earn $$$ for yourself! (Note: this does not include the second partner in couples.) 

Get your referral codetaht earns you 60$ !

Meet my team of certified co-teachers!

Margot Anand
Laurence Heitzmann
Laurent Lacoste
Mika Smith
Aïma - Mercedes Andany
Fernando Manrique
Tina Hellingrath
Jeff Abelos
Sara Biewen Stout
Thomas SatchiJo Stout
Bodhi Sambhava
Kai Wu
 Armin Heining
Jim Benson
Amy Kebernik
Vichi Reiner
Louis Pelletier
 Xanet Pailet
Dave Theis
Ulises Calatayud
Kavitro Roy
Richard Bock
Martine Mas
Anne Marie
Genevieve Bodhiti
Patrick Chapman
Solange Vassard
Howard Botwinick
Debbie Erickson
Chris Englund
Ma Tara
Deva Loka
 Patrick Harestad
 Robyn Smith

Join us November 4 - 19, 2023!

Come experience this spectacular online immersion to engage inward
and in the international SkyDancing Tantra community



 Registration is open!  

Questions? Contact us:
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Téléphone number : +1 888 882-1930 for USA  &  +33 1 80 85 55 29 for Europe

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Important Information


💜 Who is the Immersion for?

The Immersion is appropriate for adults of all experience levels. We welcome people new to Tantra as well as persons with previous experience that wish to deepen their relationship with SkyDancing Tantra, or to discover it. The Immersion is universal in its themes of love, power, freedom of expression, conscious connection, ease of being in your body and more. All adults of any sexual orientation, relationship configuration, and physical ability can attend with a partner, with friends, or on your own!

Tantra is a non-denominational, body-based spiritual practice that welcomes all religious, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds.


💜 What is SkyDancing Tantra?

SkyDancing Tantra is a spiritual, body-based path of awakening, inspired by ancient Tantric practices and the beautiful teaching of Margot Anand. SkyDancing Tantra relaxes the body, opens the heart and brings the mind into clear focus. The SkyDancing path provides a model for cultivating your ecstatic potential, embrace your own vital powers, enliven sensuality, awaken spirituality, and create a more fulfilling love life.
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💜 How are we able to do SkyDancing Tantra online?

 SkyDancingTantra begins with deepening your relationship with yourself. There are a great deal of skills and exercises that easily translate to the virtual environment. The first Immersion was a huge success in facilitating profound personal experiences and conscious intimate connections with others. There will be many opportunities for small group and dyadic interactions. Each practice includes personal awareness of your boundaries and limitations to honor yourself and others. Energetic connections are not limited by barriers or distance. We think you will be pleasantly surprised how it is possible to share intimacy across Zoom.

This Immersion differentiates itself from existing Tantra online courses or festivals by emphasising the continuity between sessions that provides a progression, supports cohesive group building, and offers individual attention for personal development


💜 Where is the Immersion located and how will I access it?

The Immersion event is located online, accessible from anywhere that you have internet access. After you have enrolled, you will have access to a private webpage that includes links to all sessions conducted with Zoom calls and any other links needed for the conference. FaceBook is not required, although there will be a private Facebook group where you can find up-to-date information and connect as a community and social interaction.


💜 What is the difference between this and all the other Tantra programs out there?

 We offer a continuity and a progression during the entire live event, and the opportunity to build a community and family of Tantric friends for life. 



💜 What about event security?

We are aware that in this new age of online events, there are security issues that need to be addressed to assure privacy and uninterrupted sessions. We are using the most secure technology that is available. We will make use of passwords, closed groups and waiting rooms to make sure that everyone participating in the event is a known and ticketed participant.

Participants’ private information will not be shared by the organization without your consent.

The interactive sessions will not be recorded, which is most of them.

No recordings or photos are allowed.


💜 What about confidentiality?

Privacy is important to us. We ask all attendees to agree to not share about other attendees’ experiences and attendance. Part of how we create a safe space for expansion and growth is for us all to agree to keep others’ experiences and sharings confidential. You are welcome to share your own experiences and share about the facilitators, but please keep the experiences of others private. Thank you in advance for this

It is essential that ONLY participants are within sight or hearing distance of your Zoom screen. We familiarize ourselves with each of you so we can assure that only participants are present. 


It is reminded that you must be alone in front of your screen, or even in the room where you are. This will allow you to be fully present at the session and will also guarantee the confidentiality of the other participants.
This request does not apply to couples who have both registered to Immersion.


💜 Are there any emotional support that I can access?

Studying Tantra can often trigger old feelings and challenge patterns. Profound healing can happen at these times. When strong emotions do arise, we encourage you to welcome your emotions and observe them, as they feed your personal growth. A certain amount of resilience and ability to regulate your emotions is necessary. They are multiple ways to obtain emotional support throughout the conference including Family Groups, The Blue Corner and individual sessions.

Guardians of the Heart: During sessions, GOH provide emotional support and afterwards. Request help by Chating with the GOH, contacting the TECH, clicking the HELP button, or going to the Blue Corner.

Family Groups: You are invited to join a small “Family Group” that will meet regularly on Sunday throughout the Immersion. We encourage you to attend your small Family Groups meetings where you all can share your experiences, support one another, and help to integrate all that you’re feeling and learning.

The Blue Corner: For the duration of our Immersion, “The Blue Corner” will be  open as Zoom room where one can go for emotional support. Support will be available all day on Saturday and for 1/2 hour after the sessions during the week. You can request off hours support by clicking the HELP button on the community page near the Blue Corner.

All participants must follow the Immersion Agreements to provide a safe environment for everyone. A sign up sheet is available through the Blue Corner staff.


💜 Is there any nudity in the Immersion?

There is no required nudity. However, in sessions where nudity is an option, we welcome whatever choice is right for you.  Awareness of your boundaries, limitations, and authentic full participation in each moment is a very important part of SkyDancing Tantra. For some people, choosing to be nude can beis a profoundly healing experience, and for others, choosing to remain clothed can be an empowering choice.


💜 What is the schedule of the Immersion?

The Immersion begins on the 4th of November until the 19th of November. They are 3 full Saturdays  and half Sundays of involved practices. Then two main sessions From Monday to Friday, there are daily morning sessions, active meditations, support groups in your “family group”.

**Please be prepared to attend all Saturday and Sunday sessions**

Three Saturdays:

**Welcoming Ceremony ** : 1.5 hour (10:00 AM Eastern, 7:00 AM Pacific, 2:00 PM London
**2nd & 3th Saturday - Live meditations:  1.5 hour, includes instructions and sharing (7:00 AM Pacific, 10:00 AM Eastern, 3:00 PM London).
**Main Session 1**:  2 - 2.5 hours (9:00 AM Pacific,12:00 AM Eastern, 4:00/5:oo PM London).
**Main Session 2**:  2 - 2.5 hours (12:00 PM Pacific, 3:00 PM Eastern, 7:00/8:00 PM London). Followed by optional group sharing.
**Evening Session**:  1 1/2 - 2 hours (5:00 PM Pacific, 8:00 PM Eastern, 12:00/1:00 AM PM London). (Europe session at 10:00 AM) 
Small group sharing sessions available during the day are optional.

Three Sundays:

       **Family Groups**: 1 hour

       ** Integrative practice**: 2 hours

Monday - Friday:

We recommend that you attend at least 3 morning meditations  weekly.

    • Morning awakening practices: Morning active meditations, or practices are offered at a few different timezone options. (Between 7 and 10 AM)
    • Evening group gatherings (Starts about 8:00 PM Eastern)
    • Social and engaging events by time zones.

**Closing Ceremony Sunday** (10:00 AM Pacific, 1:00 PM Eastern, 5:00 PM London).

~ See a description of the curriculum above.


💜 What if I can't attend every session?

To gain the greatest benefit from this Immersion and to support the group cohesiveness, your full attendance and participation is suggested.  Each session incorporates many levels of learning and is designed as a progression, building on the previous sessions.

The main sessions during the three Saturdays and the three Sundays are the most essential.

There will be many morning meditations offered during the week. We believe that the meditations are critically important to both prepare for and to integrate all that we will learn, so we highly recommend and expect that you attend at least 3 meditations during the week. Recordings are available during all the Immersion time, for your convenience to fit into your work day or if you wish to repeat the meditation.

Your Family Group Meetings are important opportunities to regularly connect, share experiences, receive support and deepen your learnings.


 💜 How much time do I really need to do this and get results?

In Tantra, it is the experience and the path we take that is important, not really the result. You will, however, experience significant changes in yourself if you stay the course over these 16 days together.


💜 How will partnering be arranged?

There will be times of whole group interaction, breakout rooms with small groups, dyads, and triads.  Most partnering is done randomly, by trusting the universe to provide the perfect “divine choice.” The Immersion is designed to be relevant and accessible to all sexual orientations and relationship configurations. We encourage you to open your heart and see all other participants as the divine beings they truly are. Often, the greatest learnings and growth are accomplished by partnering with those that you might not normally choose, and this is a great opportunity to break out of old patterns and expand our experiences and learnings. Awareness of your boundaries, limitations, and authentic full participation in each moment is a very important part of SkyDancing Tantra. If you are in a breakout room and something is not working, you can always exit.

Couples may choose to partner with each other or participate separately. If partners wish to be separate, individual technology will be needed for sessions with breakout rooms.

If couples are not at the same location, let us know and we will do our best to partner you together during breakout sessions.


💜 Q: Is this right for me if I am single, in an open relationship, or pregnant? 

Of course! Tantra begins with the connection to yourself. When you’re discovering yourself, you’re deepening your self-knowledge and thus experience richer relationships on the outside as well.


💜 Q: How do I know if I am staying on track?

If you ever feel like you’re falling behind or off track, you can reach out for support to any of our staff. They’re happy to help you!


💜 Q: Do you offer refunds?

Yes, but only in case the event would not happen for any reason. Otherwise, no. 



SkyDancing Tantra creates a wonderful and safe environment for my spiritual growth experience of loving energy.


Become a SkyDancer now and get elevated, inspired, and connected!

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Hurry, it begins November 4th -  $300 OFF!  

Questions? Contact Us     
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.