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    French speaking Institute       

    skydancing tantra francophone                       SkyDancing Francophone
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    Nital BrinkleySkyDancing Tantra Francophone Institute has been training thousands of people over the last 30 years. It is the first Institute through which Margot Anand decided to start and spread the Teachings of SkyDancing Tantra. It is a cornerstone in the SkyDancing system worldwide. The Francophone LET (Love and Ecstasy Training) has been offered for 30 years at “Hameau de l’Etoile” near Montpellier, south of France under the supervision of Nital Brinkley, Director of this Institute.

    As of today, SkyDancing Francophone Institute’s “flagship” Training is made of 6 seminars of one week each, which participants attend, in general, over a period of 2 years (3 cycles during the first year and 3 cycles during the second year). But possibilities of adapting this schedule are offered by the Institute. Every year, those seminars are given in French - translated into English - since the reputation of this Institute as well as Margot Anand’s reputation attract many people from all over the world.

    SkyDancing Tantra Francophone Institute offers other “SkyDancing Tantra approved seminars” such as :

    • SkyDancers Intensive : seminars offered to persons who have completed the LET seminars and wish to continue their training with SkyDancing.
    • SkyMen/SkyWomen : one week seminar offered to deepen your connection to your own gender during 5 days before meeting the other gender for the last two days.
    • SkyDancing Tantra Teacher Training : organized from time to time when the Direction of the Institute and of SkyDancing International deem it useful for the growth of SkyDancing.

    SkyDancing Tantra Francophone Institute is also a community of well-trained, professional and reputable teachers bound to strict ethical standards and collaborating together in a harmonious way.

    Welcome to our Institute where you will have the opportunity to connect to Margot Anand’s deep and powerful method.



    The American Institute (USA)       

    skydancing tantra usa                       SkyDancing USA
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    If you are seeking more meaningful relationships, wish to awaken your authentic spiritual, sexual, and emotional self, SkyDancing Tantra Institute - USA offers many opportunities, whether you're new to Tantra or experienced. In 2007, SkyDancing Tantra - USA formally joined the international network of institutes that people choose, because they trust the ethical integrity of the certified professionals and decades of time-tested practices. Seminar participants, and those interested in becoming Certified SkyDancing teachers, come from all over the world to discover what it means to be a SkyDancer.

    Experience the sacred teachings of Margot Anand under the guidance of skilled professionals. Through intimate practices, one discovers the depth of consciousness and life's vital energy. Feel grounded in your authenticity as you expand beyond the body to spirit.

    Across the USA, find your tribe and become a part of a growing movement of awakened SkyDancers. Feel the interconnectedness of a community that celebrates the diversity of people in the US, and beyond. Discover how through the act of exploring your true nature, separateness dissolves.

    Join us on this wonderful path which, for many, has proven to be a life-changing experience.
    The SkyDancing Tantra Institute USA has been offering seminars for more than 20 years. Currently, two of our beloved SkyDancers, Sara and Thomas (SatchiJo) are directors of the Institute and experienced SkyDancing Tantra Teachers.


  • The German Institute      

    skydancing tantra germany                       SkyDancing Germany
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    SkyDancing Tantra German Institute offers a wide variety of programs ranging from introductory evenings called “Get in Touch”, to Week-End workshops under the name “Heart Delight and Spirit”. The programs of those workshops vary at different times of the year. Other formats of longer seminars combine the tools of non-violent communication with practices of Tantra in order to support participants in maintaining a living communication about love, sex and consciousness. New year events, summer holidays, men and women workshops, harmoniously supplement this choice of programs.

    All of them smoothly prepare participants and introduce them to the LET (Love and Ecstasy Training ), SkyDancing Tantra’s intensive flagship series of seminars originally developed by Margot Anand. These seminars constitute the core Teaching of Margot and are taught the same way all countries of the world. Initially created by Yatro Kornelia Werner, the SkyDancing Tantra German Institute was taken over in 2017 by Rupananda, a prominent SkyDancing Tantra Teacher, together with his partner Maïke. The LET is now mainly taught by Rupananda, together with Vijaya, another experienced German Teacher from the SkyDancing Community.

    They are supported by a growing group of experienced and dedicated SkyDancing and guest Teachers who bring their specific qualities and create a safe space for students to learn through experience. All our trainers are respecting strict and clear Ethical Guidelines. The seminars are offered in venues all over Germany.
    For many of the students, SkyDancing Tantra LET is a “life-changing experience”.


SkyDancing International Institutes

SkyDancing functions as a Sangha,
a network of teachers grouped around Institutes that support one another.