My Dear Friends,

You have a VERY IMPORTANT mission on this planet. There is nothing more important right now. The whole world is rocking and rolling under the clash of accusations of sexual abuse and the confrontations between man and woman. It has never been so obvious and so all encompassing.

Right now, all of America is suspended on all TV channels to watch the testimony of Prof. Christine Blasey Ford in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee accusing Judge Brett Kavanaugh (chosen by Trump for US Supreme Court nomination).

She is accusing him of near rape when they were in high school (some 30 years ago) while his drunk friends stood by laughing. And Brett Kavanaugh is denying everything. Is he telling the truth? Or is he trying to preserve his right to being elected on the highest job in America (among other things)?

Who will win? The man, the predator? Or the woman, the victim? Where is the truth?

Right now, all of Germany is rocked by testimonies of sexual abuse. Today, in a full p4 (the “politik” topic) in the local newspaper appears an interview of Mrs. Astrid Mayer. She describes in all the gory details how, for years, the Pasteur of her Church abused her (10 years old onward) while she fulfilled her duty as “altar girl.” She describes the almost insurmountable difficulties she had to face in later life. And the denials of the Church and of her community: “Nobody wanted to believe me.”

Meanwhile, research shows that between 1946 – 2014, almost 40,000 priests were sexual abusers in the catholic church in Germany.

I am just mentioning two current examples. We all know about this. We all know about the pressure of supposedly “being born with original sin.” We all know how institutions do not want people to cultivate ecstasy (the natural kind), because it opens the door to freedom of choice beyond the usual brainwashing we are submitted to.


This is the most important question. This is why you have to stay the course here, with Skydancing Tantra, and be very very conscious about following our ethical guidelines, so that you can help more and more people to cultivate natural ecstasy while connecting sex, heart, and spirit


I have dedicated my life to this mission. And I want more and more sharp, high level, intelligent, and ethically correct teachers to take my place and continue this worthwhile mission in this wonderful Skydancing Lineage.


May this question be a topic for your meditation until we meet next.

Let’s all turn the world around. Let’s all contribute to create a world where men and women respect one another, where conscious sexual pleasure is valued over abuse and guilt, all the way to the light above.

May the marriage between energy and consciousness happen in each and every one of your hearts.

May all beings be happy!