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SkyDancing International is a collective of Institutes and Teachers of Tantra who share the teaching of the tantric lineage created by Margot Anand. The purpose of this website is to present our philosophy and to allow visitors to access the wide variety of workshops and events organized by our community..

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Touch, a doorway to spirituality


Being touched is one of our most important basic needs. The way we touch others is largely influenced by who we are as a person. Touch is a very interesting tool for learning how to grow one's level of consciousness and energy. In this workshop, we won't teach you some massage techniques but rather use touch as a doorway to the sacred, to spirituality.

This workshop is recommended for those, who want to:

- dive into the worldwide renowned lineage of SkyDancing Tantra founded by Margo Anand,
- develop their skills in giving touch to others and learn how to receive it in a more conscious and relaxed way,
- learn to speak out their limits and boundaries and to really ask for what they need,
- deepen their perception of the quality of their touch,
- better understand the essence of Tantric massage which is basically being present to oneself and to the other,
- be initiated to the secrets of the touch and Tantric massage according to the SkyDancing Tantra

Location information

TU Y TERAZ (Poland)

52 A Nowe Kawkowo
gmina Jonkowo
warmińsko- mazurskie 11-042