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Ecstatic Touch™ (Level 1) – The Art of Pleasure

Ecstatic Touch
Ecstatic Touch


Dedicate a weekend to bliss, sensuality and ecstasy!

Ecstatic Touch™: The Art of Pleasure is an experiential seminar that weaves together sensuality and spirituality into one. Conscious touch, ritual and communication are the foundations of this sensuous weekend seminar. Through deepened connection with ourselves, the difference between self and other dissolves into a harmonious flow of ecstatic energies. Come away with lifelong tools to increase intimacy and connection with yourself and others through the art of ecstatic touch.

Open to everyone. No previous experience necessary.

This weekend is an ideal opportunity to explore the fine line between sensuality and sexuality and to deepen your connection and love. Whether you attend partnered or solo, you will:

    • Fine tune your skills in the art of ecstatic touch
    • Learn sensuous, healing, and pleasurable whole-body touch
    • Integrate spirituality and physical pleasure
    • Explore the surrender of giving and receiving
    • Open new doors to the heart
    • Allow more pleasure and trust in your relationships

All of our seminars provide you with experiential tools to improve your communication, foster deeper connections with others, and enhance your intimacy. The Ecstatic Touch seminar series in particular is a wonderful way to spend a transformative and loving weekend partnered or as a solo participant while experiencing and exploring Tantric touch.

How is Ecstatic Touch a “tantric” practice and different from other forms of touch such as massage? In a traditional massage, we recline on the table and receive, entranced. This Ecstatic Touch weekend includes interactive elements such as eye contact, communication, breath awareness and energy movement along with touching the whole body. By weaving active and passive elements into touch, a conscious connection between self and other is formed, bringing increased intimacy and pleasure.

Our Ecstatic Touch weekends are open to participants who are partnered and solo. Those who arrive partnered may work together exclusively during the exercises and with others if they wish.

Ecstatic Touch: The Art of Pleasure is designed for people who are ready for more aliveness, love, and consciousness in their relationships and intimate partnerships.

Open to everyone (solo and partnered participants). No previous experience necessary.

Location information

United States of America, Massachusetts, 01367

312 Zoar Road
Massachusetts 01367
United States of America