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After years of professional life as an engineer and training in visual arts, Divyo choses the Life of a Coach in 1998. 
As from 2004, he is a teacher in Emotional Intelligence. He completed his basic training with a certification in "Internal Family System" (IFS) and in "Sensory Identification Technique of Unconscious Fears" (TIPI). Alongside he trained in several other modalities, including that of Couple Therapy, Intimacy From the Inside Out – IFIO.

Founder of the Systemic School of Emotional Intelligence (EI), Divyo is passionate about Systemics, Developmental Psychology, Philosophy of Being and Cognitive Neuroscience. In 2003, he created the "Coaching & IE" Clubs at the CNAM and IAE in Paris, where he regularly lectures while refocusing on his association, the « European Institute of Emotional Intelligence ».

He is the author of the books "Develop your emotional skills" at Eyrolles in 2010 and "How to cultivate your emotional intelligence" paperback for the general public in 2016, at Larousse.

Before the end of the initial training in 2019 “Love and Ecstasy training” of the Skydancing Tantra school created by Margo Anand where he found a great source of enrichment, he engages as a Teacher at the Skydancing Tantra School.

As from 2020, Divyo is dedicated to integrating artistic education, Emotional Intelligence and TANTRA in the animation of evening events and seminars.

Beyond his intensive personal practice, Divyo launches the challenge of living the tantra to the fullest, this time, within the Tantric Community.

Certified SkyDancing Tantra Teachers in Europe

Certified Teachers are experienced and inspiring professionals who support the vision of Margot Anand and SkyDancing Tantra International. They have completed training as a SkyDancing Tantra Teacher and are members in good standing with one of the European SkyDancing Tantra Institutes or SkyDancing Tantra International.
The title of Certified Teacher was granted to them by a Certification Committee based on requirements such as (but not limited to): having attended and assisted the Love & Ecstasy Trainings and having successfully taught evening and weekend workshops based on the teachings of Margot Anand. By receiving this certification, these Teachers have agreed to comply with SkyDancing Tantra Ethical Standards and Guidelines.