Bodhi Sambhava

 Certified SkyDancing Tantra Teacher

 Authorized to lead Sky Men Sky Women

  Website   www.aquatantra.com

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 Biography : 

Bodhi Sambhava discovered Watsu® and Tantra over 20 years ago. After she had become a professional Watsu® and Healing Dance® practitioner she specialized working on unconscious cellular memories. She is also a certified Skydancing Tantra® Teacher 2 and founder of Aqua-Tantra®, facilitating in Europe and Mexico. She says: «I am amazed by the magic of Tantra and I want to share all what Tantra brought to me and connect it with the fluidity of water».

Through the transmission and inspiration that she received from Alexander George (Healing Dance), whom she considers to be a true master, she discovered more of this flow, movement and awarenes. «I feel deeply connected to Healing Dance. Integrating Alexander’s work became so natural for me! With sensual movement and the feeling of water on the skin Healing Dance is for me the most tantric practice among those of the aquatic world!».

Always looking for new things, she is currently training in the Jack Painter method in Pelvic Heart Integration® and Integrative Aquatic Therapy (IAT)