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Love & Ecstasy Training cycles 6

Margot Anand et Pascal Savatier
Margot Anand et Pascal Savatier


Cycle 6: Developing your Body of Light

After riding the "Wave of Bliss" taught during this training, you will be brought to discover the subtle energies, the nectars of the Moon (Soma), born in the upper chakras, which they will then diffuse down their entire body through the practice of the descending wave. This nectar is the Unified Light that has no polarity and that descends from the Crown to the Root Chakra. Thus, we will practice the wave from Earth to Heaven and from Heaven to Earth in a marriage, a union of these two polarities whose differences will gradually fade into Unity.

In this cycle you will discover:
• The mystical dimension of SkyDancing Tantra and tantric sexuality
• The art of "Riding the Tiger": experiencing ecstasy in each chakra
• Exploration of the "descending Wave"
• The sacred geometry
• The mantras for liberation and new powerful and healing rituals


Location information

Hameau de l'Etoile (near Montpellier)

Saint Martin de Londres