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Love & Ecstasy Training cycle 4

Maturity and Expansion
Laurence Heitzmann & Fernando Manrique


TEL 29 cycle 4: Maturity & Expansion

Laurence Heitzmann & Fernando Manrique

Maturity is the ability to stay in the flow of life, being able to cope with the unknown in the “here and now”. The root of our relational, sexual and spiritual maturity lays in the conscious acceptance of whatever life offers, relating to it with our inner strength in order to keep growing. As we become more familiar with our inner self, we transform, expand and gain confidence in ourselves and the present.

In this cycle you will discover and expand this capacity in order to dive deeper into your life flow!

Applying different Tantric meditations and other practices, we will invite you to fully experience the present moment. We will experiment leaving our usual comfort zone, letting go of old habits, judgments and attachments. We will dare to explore new and unexpected “waters” within ourselves and relating to others. We will also invite you to explore the notions of depth and emptiness - jewels from which the expansion of our body, heart and spirit can arise.

During this cycle, we will:

  • Practice to approach life from a whole body experience
  • Discover, welcome and develop areas of light and inner strength
  • Become aware of, accept and transform our “shadows”
  • Dare to follow our passion …a little, a lot, or fully…!



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