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Love & Ecstasy Training TEL 29 cycle 3

Laurence Heitzmann et Laurent Lacoste
Laurence Heitzmann et Laurent Lacoste


TEL 29 cycle 3: From Sexual Passion to Spiritual Ecstasy

Laurence Heitzmann & Laurent Lacoste

When the vital energy is awakened and flows freely, it is possible to melt into the silence of meditation. The energy of the first chakra is the energy of fire, which when released, will feed all other chakras and open the path to spiritual transformation. The “Wave of Bliss" is an advanced practice of SkyDancing Tantra that teaches how, during the union of Shiva and Shakti in the Yabyum position, the ascension and the refinement of the sexual energy can be used for the expansion of consciousness. The wave of Bliss is the union of consciousness and energy.

In this cycle you will:

  • Experience the ascending “wave of bliss”
  • Channel the vital energy through the chakras to open the inner flute
  • Learn to contain energy, opening to the expansion of consciousness
  • Learn to relax in meditation with a partner, experiencing a fusion of energies
  • Discover the healing power of the Vajrasattva mantra which is also called the «100-Syllable Mantra» in the Tibetan tantric tradition.



Location information

Hameau de l'Etoile (near Montpellier)

Saint Martin de Londres