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The Body Ecstatic & Sexual Healing
Laurent Lacoste & Cassidy Geppert


TEL 31 cycle 1 - The Body Ecstatic & Sexual Healing

The purpose of this cycle is to lead us to discover and release physical tensions, emotional and psychological blocks that prevent us from loving our body and living our sensuality and pleasure. We will begin by freeing the first two chakras in order to support the energy flow freely throughout the body. The more our body releases tensions accumulated during our lives, the more it can relax and be a source of pleasure.

In this cycle, you will :

· Celebrate our energy with freshness and innocence and become aware that the source of pleasure lies primarily within ourselves
· Learn to love and accept our body, awaken our inner lover
· Explore the art of tantric massage and gentle and respectful touch
· Learn the healing rituals of the Yoni and the Vajra - the sexual organs of women and men
· Enjoy and celebrate sacred rituals that honor and expand male and female energies
· Learn the art of preparing a tantric temple and the ritual of "sacred space"
· Discover the 3 Keys to sexual ecstasy: breath, movement and sound.

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