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Love & Ecstasy Training cycle 6

Awakening the Light Body
Margot Anand et Pascal Savatier


TEL 29 cycle 6 - Awakening the Light Body

Margot Anand & Pascal Savatier

When you awaken your light body it feels as if your "inner sun" is rising within. Your energy vibrates with a finer frequency, and becomes bright. It is the initiation into Bliss. When your internal light shines, you are transformed. Your trust in yourself grows, and your creative ability, your aliveness your clarity expand. As your inner radiance expands, your spirit shines and you become more attractive.

In this cycle, we explore how to awaken your inner radiance, how to channel it down from the crown to the root of your being.

Then we explore the complete cycle in Riding the Wave of Bliss, from the root of your being (the first chakra) to the crown (the seventh charka). You become the connection between heaven and earth. In this process, the polarities of Yin and Yang progressively dissolve and open your being to Oneness.

During this cycle, we develop:

· The mystical dimension of SkyDancing Tantra and of Tantric Sexuality
· The art of "Riding the Tiger ": thus enlivening each of our chakras
· The practice of the "Descending Wave"
· The power of Sacred Geometry in the art of balancing energies in the chakras
· Mantras which empower powerful healing rituals.

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