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Love & Ecstasy Training cycle 5

Freedom in the form - Power of being & roots of orgasm
Laurence Heitzmann & Laurent Lacoste


TEL 29 cycle 5 - Freedom in the form: Power of Being & the Roots of Orgasm

Laurence Heitzmann et Laurent Lacoste

During this cycle we will strengthen and deepen what was addressed in the previous cycles, by bringing in additional tools. We will propose an evolutionary journey that includes a number of themes centered around pleasure, its limits and its transcendence through
advanced body-psychotherapy practices.

We will journey together to bring awareness to the obstacles and limitations that settle in our ego and mind, preventing us from living our full potential and weakening our capacity for ecstasy and for joyful living. New practices will allow us to deeply explore in a relaxed environment the fundamental concept of freedom in the form, and how an individual, by going to the heart of one’s feelings, can be released from the chains of one’s conditionings to fully live one’s pleasure.

You will discover how to:

  • Create a new field of consciousness that invites our creative potential
  • Get as close as possible to our feelings in order to know and understand our limitations
  • Create the space of safety from which it is possible to learn by playing and flirting with these limitations
  • Understand the limiting mechanisms of our beliefs and deprogram them in order to access our individual freedom
  • Practice the exercises of pelvic laughter

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