In a SkyDancing Tantra Seminar, you should never be obliged to do anything that you don’t want. The exercise is not about doing something but about watching consciously how you react to various proposals. When the group-facilitator presents a practice, please consider it as an invitation, a proposal. Your exercise is :

- Check how you receive this proposal.
- Consciously assess whether it feels feasible to you or not and how difficult it looks to you.
- Make a decision to do or not to do
- Communicate it to your partner gently without any fear to hurt him/her or any guilt if you decide not to do what is offered.

Sometimes you can also decide to do less than what is proposed : example : the group-facilitator invites you to share a 3 minutes still and silent hug with somebody : You may decide to stay at a distance of 2 meters, or 1 meter, or to simply propose to your partner to take each other’s hands or to go for a full hug. You use all your creativity so to stick to the proposal without hurting yourself by going beyond your limits.

In other words, in a SkyDancing Tantra seminar, you can always do less (in particular in terms of shared intimacy) than what is proposed. Never more. (in the above example, no caresses on the back during the Hug).